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I’ve been busy with a new series. I don’t have a name for the first book yet, but here is a little look at what it is about.

Alexa Ford, an archeologist, is hired to treasure hunt a fifty acre farm in rural Missouri for a man in New Jersey.

The reason he gives her is, the Trail of Tears ran through the property and the old farmhouse is on the famous Old Wire Road.

Her first find puts her life in jepordy. Mystery leads to murder and murder leads to solving a 95 year old crime.

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i’ve also started the fifth book in the Arizona Summers series. Arizona is awakened by sirens and flashing lights. She looks out her bedroom window to see police cars and highway partol cruisers.

Since the Chief of Police, Keith Wesley, is also her boyfriend, she knows he will call her with the details of the commotion.

Instead, his deputy comes by to tell her Keith was arrested and charged with first degree murder. As the case unfolds, Arizona finds out things about Keith she would never would have guessed.

One thing she and her friends are sure of is that Keith is not guilty. They set out to find the real killer and set their friend free.

Can they do it? Will too many secrets come out and ruin their relationship forever? I hope you will like it.  Nutmeg has a lot to do with catching the murderer.