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The more I write, the more things I find to write about. My favorite genre is mystery. When I was a kid and watched the old shows with my mom (they weren’t old then) I could always figure out who the killer was by the second commerical break. I told myself I would one day write my own mysteries and no one would be able to guess the bad guy or gal until the end when I let them in on the secret.

I think I might be doing just that. My emails tell me day after day, I didn’t think it was her/him.”

When I get those emails, I smile to myself and think, I did it.

I was born in California and raised in Alton, Illinois. I loved the river, the hills and the traditions my family had such as getting a cream horn at Duke’s Bakery after church on Sunday. I graduated from high school, went to St. Louis to further my education and haven’t been back but once since my dad died in 1992.

Life sometimes gets in the way and drags you in a different direction. I had two lovely daughters. Molly, my oldest, died of breast cancer. Diane is alive and well and lives in Tulsa.

One of my greatest joys is my grandkids. We have had some fun times together. Dogs are my favorite animal. We live in the country and folks think it is fine to leave their unwanted pets on your doorstep. At one time we had nine rescues.

We are down to two we got by choice and five street dogs.

The older I get the more I think I’d like to live closer to the grocery store so I didn’t spend so much time in the car.  I’ve discovered audio books and the trips don’t seem as long.

I love the night sky, sunsets and gentle rains. I am blessed with great friends and reasonably good health; although some parts of my body seem older than others. Mainly my knees and my back don’t want to keep up as they once did.

Feel free to email me at with comments.

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