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My Not-So-Good First Day of School

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Let me set the scene, from my point of view, of school in the 1950’s. We all went to a neighborhood school. For the most part, children lived close enough to our schools to walk. Most of the schools were red brick with high ceilings and windows from floor to a few feet from the [..Read more]

The Mule

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The Mule I live on some acreage, a little less than one hundred acres. Small to some and big to others. On this farm we have some sheep, E-I-E-I-O. There are also horses, cows, cats and dogs, and donkeys. This story is about mules; Kaye and Bec. About ten years ago, a friend called and [..Read more]

Keeping America Safe

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Keeping America Safe My driver’s license will expire next month. I decided I would renew it with a Real ID. It is a gold star on your license which means you have had a background check and are considered safe to fly domestically, enter nuclear power plants and access federal buildings like federal courthouses and [..Read more]

Writing the Arizona Summers Mysteries is fun!

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  I’m having a great time writing the Arizona Summers Mysteries. Arizona is a single, thirty something woman with bright red hair and a skinny body. She owns Moonstone Lake Cafe and Sunday Brunch, the oldest family owned restaurant in the state. Arizona’s real love is solving crimes. The old police chief loved for her [..Read more]

Coming soon: Barbeques, Bonfires and Murder

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Barbeques, Bonfires and Murder is the third book in the Arizona Summers Mystery Series. If the stars all align, it should be ready for publication in February. I am thrilled with the reception I’ve gotten from the first two books in the series, The Wedding Cake Murder and The High Steaks Murder. I went back [..Read more]

The Story Behind the Story

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The Story Behind the Story   One summer I had a part time job in the nearest big city. Several of my friends worked there too and I thought it would be fun. Little did I know it would turn out to be like a work camp and I didn’t see one of my friends [..Read more]


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Food, Fun, and Murder What goes best with a good steak, maybe a salad, baked potato and a murder? Readers ask me where I come up with my ideas. Here are the ideas behind The Arizona Summers Mysteries. First I took the things folks like, a dog, food, a strong woman role model, a couple [..Read more]

A Different Sort of Fall.

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At the bottom of this post is a recipe you will all love. Fall just isn’t what it usually is. Of the 119 apple trees we have, only the Arkansas Black remained on the trees. Too much rain. The pumpkins rotted, and I only saw one pear tree with fruit on it. To grow plants, [..Read more]