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Coming soon: Barbeques, Bonfires and Murder

Posted on Nov 29, 2020 by   1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized

Barbeques, Bonfires and Murder is the third book in the Arizona Summers Mystery Series.

If the stars all align, it should be ready for publication in February.

I am thrilled with the reception I’ve gotten from the first two books in the series, The Wedding Cake Murder and The High Steaks Murder.

I went back and forth about putting Nutmeg (the nearly human dog) as a character, but my emails and comments say it was a good decision.

In the new book, Arizona takes up photography. She’s been mesmerized by the reflection of objects off the surface of Moonstone Lake all of her life. It was about time she cleared time for herself and took on a hobby.

The hobby snowballs and except for the body she took pictures of the first day, she couldn’t be happier.

There are some good recipes at the end of the book.

Creamy olive dressing and fried deviled eggs are two.

Emma is up to her old tricks. Arizona and Keith spend more time together and Aunt Sandy has a new male interest.

If you haven’t caught up; now is the time.

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Comment by Janet Kay Gallagher
September 4, 2022 10:58 pm

Another winning story. Keep it going.

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