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Food, Fun, and Murder

What goes best with a good steak, maybe a salad, baked potato and a murder? Readers ask me where I come up with my ideas.

Here are the ideas behind The Arizona Summers Mysteries.

First I took the things folks like, a dog, food, a strong woman role model, a couple of her quirky relatives, and a good- looking sheriff, who is great at sticking his foot in his mouth.  I put this all together and placed them in a small tourist town I created called Moonstone Lake.

I must admit, I took a look at a lot of places and put some of them together to create my town. I love Old Town in St. Charles, Missouri, Storm Lake, Iowa, and San Antonio’s River Walk. There are many more I love to visit, but too many ideas clog my mind.

Arizona Summers is thirty. She has run the family business for five years. Moonstone Lake Café and Sunday Brunch is the most popular place to eat in the entire area.

It makes for a large pool of people I can pull out and kill or accuse of the dirty deed.

To make things more interesting, there is Emma Summers, Arizona’s mother who is always in trouble, more like a teenager than an eighty year old woman. Nutmeg, the dog who adopted Ary (Ary ee) turned out to be psychic, and the chefs are more like family than employees.

I added a few recipes at the end of each book. Some of the dishes are used in the book.

At the present time, I am feverishly working on book 2, The High Steaks Murder.


The book is on sale right now for .99. If you want to read it, follow this link, or it is always FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


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Comment by Deb Kyle
January 5, 2020 12:20 am

I always knew you were creative. I just found you again…I will go get your books and read read read. I’m so happy for you.
Debbie (Noack) Kyle

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